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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions set out below before booking your journey through XRide Ltd website. You must agree to the XRide Ltd terms & Conditions before proceeding with your booking by ticking the box ‘I agree to Xride’s Terms & Conditions’ when booking your journey. If you do not agree with the Terms & Conditions please do not go ahead and book your journey through XRide Ltd. By accepting the Terms & Conditions you are agreeing that you have the authority and have the authority for representing the person you are booking on behalf of. You agree that:

  • You are at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.
  • Have read and understood the Terms & Conditions.


When making a booking through XRide Ltd website you are responsible for accurately providing the correct details. You will be responsible if you fail to provide accurate details.

Xride Ltd is a price comparison website and acts as an agent for Licensed Taxi, Private Hire Operators (PHO) and Coach Operators and is not a Licensed Private Hire operator itself.

XRide Ltd does not guarantee that it will be able to meet Your needs, and it reserves the right to reject any bookings you request and to cancel any bookings you have already made. In such a scenario, XRide Ltd will reimburse the fee you paid to you in full satisfaction of any claims you may have.

XRide Ltd will record your details and information about how You use the website, but your personal information won't be shared with anyone other than the Taxi and Private Hire Operator or used for any other reason than to carry out the services agreed upon, subject to the terms of the XRide Ltd privacy policy.

When you visit the website, XRide Ltd can transfer a small file to your computer. This "cookie" will provide XRide Ltd the ability to monitor how you use the website and pinpoint specific areas of interest to improve Your subsequent visits. XRide Ltd will not be able to identify you through the cookie, and XRide Ltd will only use it in connection with this website. You can configure your web browser to refuse cookies, but doing so might make it impossible to access some features of our website. If required to do so by law, or at the request of a law enforcement agency or governmental body, XRide Ltd may share Your Personal Data.

Send an email to info@x-ride.co.uk with the subject line "unsubscribe" if you do not want XRide Ltd to use your email address to send you information on anything other than your booking.


When you enter the trip's specifics, XRide Ltd will make an effort to get you quotes over the website from one or more private hire and/or taxi operators who can meet your needs. The Quotes are the current unique "one-time" special offers from Private Hire Operators that are only accessible at the time that Your Booking is made.

You are in charge of checking that your Information is accurate. When you make a Booking, you are making XRide Ltd an offer, which it may accept or reject. Until you see the confirmation on the website and or confirmation email, your reservation is not confirmed.

The Private Hire Operator Terms & Conditions may also apply to any Booking You make; but, in the event of a discrepancy between the Private Hire Operators Terms & Conditions and the contents of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement will take precedence.

It is the Private Hire Operators responsibility to enforce their Terms & Conditions on you if it so chooses.

In the event that you have any particular requirements you should not use this website and should instead make alternative travel arrangements that address your particular requirements, as XRide Ltd cannot certify the ability of the Private Hire Operators to fulfil any particular requirements. You should always check directly with the Private Hire Operator for any particular requirement.

XRide Ltd maintains the right to correct any typographical errors, including pricing errors, in any aspects of the material that appears on the Website. If, after being made aware of the error, you decide you do not want to move forward with the purchase, you are free to withdraw your offer, and any money you have already paid will be fully reimbursed.

You understand and agree that XRide Ltd is the Private Hire Operator’s agent and that, notwithstanding its best efforts to address any complaints you may have regarding the Private Hire Operator’s services, you must pursue any legal remedies against the Private Hire Operator and not XRide Ltd.

For reservations that are to be made in advance using a credit card, XRide Ltd has the right to obtain payment from you acting solely in its own right for the booked trip and settle all associated card costs before making the payment due to the Private Hire Operator as the Private Hire Operator’s booking agent.

You acknowledge that in order to ensure the fulfilment of the booking made through this Website, Private Hire Operator’s hereby grant XRide Ltd the right to novate the contract between you and the Private Hire Operator for the provision of transportation services where the Private Hire Operator deems it appropriate.

Xride Ltd website Allows you to make a booking(s) with the Private Hire Operator you choose.

Your preferred transport company will get in touch with you after your reservation is confirmed to set up the Pick-up Departure Time and Meeting Location. A few hours prior to your pick-up departure time, the transport company may get in touch with you. We advise you to get in touch with your transport provider in advance to confirm the Pick-up Departure Time and Meeting Location in order to avoid last-minute issues.

When making a booking, please note that XRide ltd will not be responsible for any delays or costs incurred by the booker arising through the Private Hire Operators driver turning up late and should be claimed directly from the Private Hire Operator.

When making a booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that you allow sufficient travelling time, especially when travelling to the airport or train stations. XRide Ltd will not be liable for any delays arising out of traffic delays, accidents enroute, roadworks or any other mishap and or delays by the Private Hire Operator.

XRide Ltd does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights, for whatever reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances. Should you miss your flight then you will have to contact the Private Hire Operator carrying out your journey to see what their Terms & Conditions state.

If you or your party's Conduct or Behaviour Is Disruptive in any way and/or affects your safety or that of the driver of the vehicle, the Private Hire Operator reserves the right to terminate the trip in its reasonable judgement. XRide Ltd and the Private Hire Operator disclaim all responsibility for any additional expenses you or your party may incur as a result of the Private Hire Operator acting in this manner.

Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into the cars by passengers to be consumed while on the trip.

Private Hire Operators additionally retain the right to refuse service to anyone who is deemed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


All prices listed on our website are inclusive of VAT, tolls, minimum 45 minutes airport parking, admin and agency fees.

You agree to pay the fare at the time of your booking if you choose the "Pay by Card" option. If you choose the "Pay by Cash" option during booking, you consent to paying the driver of the Private Hire Operator the fare.

According to the Term & Conditions your Booking can be modified or cancelled after You have confirmed it on the payment screen.

XRide Ltd will not be able to complete Your Booking if you choose to pay by Card and your Card issuer rejects the transaction for any reason.

A payment receipt will be sent to you by XRide Ltd through email at the email address you provided when making the reservation.

Any additional requirements, such as child seats, that you request, will incur an additional charge. The Private Hire Operator may charge you extra if you fail to mention any additional luggage when making your reservation, necessitating the need for a larger size vehicle.

You should tip the cab driver directly and at your discretion if you choose to.

You may be liable to additional costs by the Private Hire Operator in respect of any deviations from the route you put into the Website, and you will pay any such charges directly to PHO.

In addition, only one entry per customer (as determined by their mobile number and/or email address) will be taken into consideration for any promotional offer run by XRide Ltd. Only one promotional offer or prize may be applied to a booking. When more than one promotional offer is asked to be applied to a reservation, XRide will, at its discretion, implement the deal with the higher value.

Any additional waiting time, car parking charges or additional charges subject to journey changes enroute, stops enroute and valeting / damage costs arising out of your negligence to Private Hire operators’ vehicles shall be payable directly to the Private Hire Operator carrying out the Journey. XRide Ltd will not take liability for any additional charges incurred by you whilst in the Private Hire Operator’s vehicle.

For any Airport Pickups, we allow 45 minutes free waiting time from booking / landing time as specified by you. Any additional waiting time / charges will be paid directly to the Private Hire operator's driver.

We allow 15 minutes of free waiting time for pickups at any address as specified by you. Any additional waiting time will be payable directly to the Private Hire Operators driver.


It is your right to cancel a booking made by you through our website.

Should you wish to cancel your booking, you must inform XRide Ltd by sending a cancellation request via the form on the Contact Us page or email us at info@x-ride.co.uk and include the booking reference.

You are entitled to receive a 100% refund on your booking if cancelled 24 Hours in advance. Should you cancel with less than 24 hours of your booking time and date, then no refund will be due and you will be charged 100% for your booking. In case of a asap bookings, no refunds will be due for cancellations if the driver is enroute.

If you paid with a credit / debit card, you will be entitled to a full refund of the fare in the event that you cancelled a Booking in accordance with Clause 4.3 above before the cancellation deadline indicated on the confirmation page and your booking confirmation email.

You will not be entitled to a refund of the fare or any other fees you may have paid in advance if you are not present at the agreed-upon pick-up location within 15 minutes of the agreed-upon time. The Private Hire Operator may treat your non-availability as a cancellation at its discretion. You may be charged extra fees by the Private Hire Operator for any additional waiting time and/or parking fees if the Private Hire Operator decides to wait longer than 15 minutes past the agreed-upon time. You will pay any such fees directly to the Private Hire Operator.

Refunds for pre-paid reservations will be issued to the card used for payment within 5 business days (business days defined as Monday-Friday), depending on your bank or card issuer.

Any changes should be notified to us through email bookings@x-ride.co.uk and also to the Private Hire Operator as soon as possible with the booking reference number. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, then you must also notify the Private Hire Operator including XRide Ltd as soon as possible as you may be charged additional waiting time and car parking charges by the Private Hire Operator. Alternative pickup times and dates are subject to the Private Hire Operators availability


We advise you to travel with travel insurance that is suitable for your needs.

It is solely your responsibility to insure the goods against any damage or loss that may be experienced by them during a Trip; neither XRide Ltd nor the Private Hire Operator are responsible to you for, nor insured in respect of, such damage or loss.

We act as an agent for the Private Hire Operator with whom you may choose to make a booking with. We do not accept any responsibility for the actual provision of the Service. The information displayed on our website, concerning the Private Hire Operator’s Services, including pricing, vehicle type, availability, and any terms & conditions applying to their transport Services, including the transfer, is provided to us by the relevant Private Hire Operator or their agents (other than us). We are not responsible for such information and we rely on the accuracy of the information provided to us by the relevant Private Hire Operator. XRide Ltd (including our employees, officers and directors) takes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of, or for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with any booking made with a Private Hire Operator or for any loss or damage caused by the Private Hire Operator or its drivers, or the performance by them of the Transport Services.


If you have any doubts, you should contact the Private Hire Operator and rely on your own verification. The Private Hire Operator has warranted to XRide Ltd that it is licenced by the proper Licensing Authority. XRide Ltd shall not be liable for verifying such warranty.

XRide is not responsible for any pick-up or drop-off time delays, Private Hire Operator’s failure to show up at all, or Private Hire Operator’s failure to provide services in a manner consistent with your expectations or requirements.

In the event that you believe you have a claim regarding a failure by the Private Hire Operator, you agree to bring that claim directly against the Private Hire Operator. XRide Ltd shall not be liable (whether in contract or otherwise) for any indirect loss, consequential loss, or loss of revenue, however arising, suffered by you in connection with such failure or in connection with these Terms or otherwise.

All warranties, conditions, or other terms implied by legislation or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law, subject to what is clearly stated in these Terms.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to restrict the Private Hire Operator’s responsibility for death or bodily harm resulting from its negligence or to eliminate any rights you may have under consumer legislation.

Any estimated journey times and arrival times provided by XRide Ltd on its public website or in any other way are solely to be treated as estimates and are not dependent on the actual route taken by the driver or traffic and/or weather conditions. Therefore, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to choose an appropriate Agreed Time that gives you enough time to get where You're going in order to check in for a flight, ride a train, or attend to any other obligations You might have.

XRide Ltd may send you email and SMS text alerts in order to keep you informed about the status of your Booking, but XRide Ltd does not guarantee the timing or delivery of these email and SMS text alerts, and XRide Ltd is not responsible (under any circumstances, whether in contract or otherwise) for any indirect loss, consequential loss, or loss of revenue, however caused, resulting from the omission or delay of such email and SMS text alerts.

Each of the aforementioned subclauses of this clause shall stand alone and be severable. The contents of this section shall remain in force despite the expiration, completion, or the occurrence of any other circumstance that may otherwise render these Terms null and void


Private Hire Operators shall refrain from transporting or delivering:

  • Any goods or property (of whatever sort) with an intrinsic value of more than £50 are money or securities, antiques, precious metals, furs, jewellery, or value.
  • Any items or property that are prohibited from possession by current English law or that are hazardous, harmful, combustible, explosive, or poisonous in nature.
  • Any items or property (of any kind) that could suffer damage while in transit.

Private Hire Operator disclaims any responsibility for any loss or harm resulting from this agreement's section 7.1

Without limiting the terms of section 7.1, Private Hire Operator shall never be held directly or indirectly responsible for:

  • Any loss, breakage, or damage to fragile items of any kind, whether caused by the carelessness of the Private Hire Operator, its agents, employees, or workers, or for any other reason.

Without limiting the applicability of section 7.1, the Private Hire Operator will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following:

  • A breakdown, an accident, or bad weather.
  • Any action or inaction on the customer's behalf.
  • Any provision, act, or event beyond the control of the Private Hire Operator, including, without limitation, any strike, (official or not) lock-out, or other form of industrial action or labour dispute, governmental regulations, legal restrictions, embargoes, fire, flood, Act of God, any repercussion of riot, war, invasion, act of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, acts of terrorism, rebellion, military or usurped power, confiscation.


Should you have any complaint regarding the service provided by the Private Hire Operator, you must try to first contact the Private Hire Operator directly (by phone or email) to resolve this with them.

Should your complaint not be resolved by the Private Hire Operator; you agree to notify XRide Ltd by email info@x-ride.co.uk within 72 hours. In the event that You fail to do so, any claim you might otherwise have shall be invalidated.

XRide Ltd is not responsible for any claims, demands, or damages (actual and consequential) of any kind or kind resulting from or connected in any way to disputes you may have with the Private Hire Operator.


XRide Ltd will protect the privacy of any personal information gathered during the booking process. Without your permission, this information won't be shared with any outside parties. XRide Ltd reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and will post any changes on the Website.


Any prior agreements and (save to the extent expressly preserved thus) representations made by either party, whether oral or written, shall be superseded by these Terms, which shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. You guarantee that, in engaging into this agreement, you did not rely on any representations made by XRide Ltd.

Any right, claim, or provision of these Terms or arising therefrom that is not immediately enforced by either party at any time shall not be deemed to have been waived.

English law shall govern the interpretation of these terms and your contract with XRide Ltd. Although nothing in this agreement prevents XRide Ltd from bringing legal action against you in any other court with jurisdiction over the matter, you hereby irrevocably consent for the sole benefit of XRide Ltd to submit any dispute arising under it to the jurisdiction of the courts of England.